Back in the Ballet Swing

Back in the Ballet Swing

This year we are ramping up our end-of-summer ballet intensive to get dancers ready for the school year with technique classes, seminars, contemporary and improve classes as well as an option to participate in an informal performance at the end of the week to showcase what the dancers learned.  There will be an emphasis on refining classical technique, developing body awareness and exploring more contemporary forms of movement that will culminate in dancers expression of their own creativity through movement. The advanced group, ages 12 and up, will begin in the morning and have an option to come back in the afternoon to learn choreography.  The younger group, ages 9-11, will begin at 1pm each day with a technique class followed by a 45-min seminar on various dance topics and end with an hour of fun, playful choreography that the dancers will contribute their own creative juices to! Classes will be taught by Palm ballet teachers Katrina Rinne and Shirley Fortenberry as well as special guest instructor Jacqueline Fritz, former dancer with Pacific Northwest Ballet. Come play with us August 21-25th at Palm Arts Dance!

Tentative schedule:

Advanced Group – ages 12 and up
9-9:30 Stretch and Pilates warm-up
9:30-11 ballet technique class
11-12:15 modern/contemporary

**1-3pm – optional choreography/rehearsal

Younger group – ages 9-11

1:00-2:15 ballet technique class
2:15-3:00 seminar
3:00-4:00 choreography/rehearsal

Seminar topics:

  • Injury prevention
  • Stage make-up, hair and costuming
  • American ballet history